Tooling  Manufacture

Utilising the design information supplied from the tooling model, impression forms are rough machined. High speed Ethernet connections communicate gouge free, accurate toolpaths produced by industry leading software to the vertical machining centres.

All impression forms are finish machined after heat treatment to ensure their accuracy leaving spark erosion for the deeper finer detailed area's. 

We use Haimer and WTE 'Shrink Fit' technology for spindle tooling.


                                                5 Axis machining. 

CNC and manual spark erosion machines utilising CNC orbital heads give an improved surface finish while the System 3R Macro pallet system ensures fast and accurate transfer of electrodes between milling and erosion machines.

Inspection of impressions and spark erosion electrodes are undertaken using the Renishaw 'on machine verification' software together with the OMP60 probe. The probe and software are used to compare the machined 3D surface back to the CAD model and report on any deviation. The impression or electrode can then be recut and checked again for accuracy. 

                            Renishaw Productivity + inspection.


      Graphite electrode machining with 0.75 mm diameter cutter at speeds of up to

                          40 000 rpm using Nakanishi electric spindle.


  • DMG MORI DMU 70 EcoMill  5 axis milling machine. Heidenhain 620 control,
  • 12000 rpm spindle, 20 Bar through spindle coolant, 750 x 600 x 520mm with a 800mm dia. table.
  • Autodesk Power Inspect 'On machine verification' - 5 axis inspection
  • Bridgeport VMC 610 xp2  Heidenhain 530i control, 15000 rpm spindle  610 x 500 x 600mm.
  • Haimer Power Clamp for Shrink fit tooling.
  • Agie Compact 3 CNC Spark erosion machine with 10 position toolchanger   800 x 600mm (table size)
  • Renishaw OMP60 Probe 
  • Renishaw Productivity+ 'On machine verification' inspection software. 
  • 2 Sparcatron SM36 Spark erosion machines with CNC Orbiting.  900 x 600mm (tank size)
  • System 3R Macro pallet, Macro Junior and Mini electrode systems
  • Nakanishi NSK 40 000 rpm Electric spindle

       CAM Software

  • NCG CAM  - 3D Multi-surface high speed machining .
  • Visi- Machining Strategist - 3D Multi-surface high speed machining.
  • Visi-Machining -  2D machining. 

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